Ilan Geva,USA


It was a great pleasure to attend the conference. The event was very successful and I am confident that we can generate mutual benefits from our connection.

I hope to attend it again next year!



Warm Regards,


Ilan Geva依兰•盖瓦


Ilan Geva & Friends依兰•盖瓦健康顾问咨询公司




It was my pleasure to meet Great-Idea staff and the wonderful Chinese people. I want to thank you for providing me a fantastic opportunity to visit China and be part of the medical delegation.


The event was a great success.


I feel China has a lot to offer the health wellness and medical tourism community. I wish you and your country much success in this area.


Yours truly and best regards.



Jackie Ceren杰姬•塞伦


Travel Consultation & Mediation Inc. 美国旅游咨询中介股份有限公司




Thank you again for the delightful experience I had in China!  It was a fascinating and very productive time there.


Laura Mandala拉﹒达拉

Managing Director董事总经理

Mandala Research, LLC曼达拉旅游咨询有限公司




Thank you so much for inviting me in Congress. I am very thankfully for your hard work and attention during our visit in China. I am happy to meet many professional and intellectual people there, in China Congress, to see how fast grow and develop health tourism in China. I hope mutual benefits from our connection in future. If you have some interest, ideas or any kind of wishes in Europe or Lithuania, please be free to contact me and i will be happy to help you.


With warm regards,


Aldona Vysniauskiene 奥多 威斯尼奥斯卡尼

Co-owner and Medical Tourism Specialist 联合创始人兼医疗旅游专家

EEC Service Ltd. EEC 医疗旅游服务有限公司




To be honest with you, I found your organization of the Event quite useful and very professional. Many thanks for this - I enjoyed it a lot and received many impressions.

I got plenty of ideas and good contacts which I am still working on.

Best greetings.


Manfred Wiebogen曼弗雷德• 韦伯

President 主席

ACI- The Financial Markets Association  ACI国际金融市场协会