I had a wonderful time. Thanks for inviting me for this event and it was totally beyond my expectations. The whole event was organized smoothly and successfully. Also, we were introduced to many senior government and corporate elites and exposed to diversified insights and got lots of inspiration of tourism development and economic growth. Hopefully we can connect again one day, and welcome you all to Canada.


Roger Haley

Township of Front of Yonge





Thanks for organizing this event. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of your team for your excellent organization and efforts. For all I can see, this event is of great success, which brings us a close look of Guilin City, and provides us a perfect opportunity to talk with many potential partnerships as well. I enjoyed it very much.


King Lee

Cornerstone Pharmaceuticals, Inc.





Thank you and your team so much for your great work of making this such a successful conference!


Hans-Joachim Hahn






I beg to express my most cordial thanks firstly to the Great-Idea for their efforts on organizing such a wonderful event that let all our should-be friends meet at the famous landscape Guilin and, secondly to all the speakers and attendees as for kindly sharing their most sophisticated insights that breethe lives to the mould of what to build the Hall of Healthcare in China in duration of the Conference which is indeed a unique medium of productive joining forces of the planet capable of producing effects for many years and decades to come.

I hope the trip with Great-Idea is everlasting... perfect arrangements throughout the event, gorgeous sceneries, interesting people and, above all warm-heartedness from the host... all these come and help to make us feel real distinguished!

Once again let me express my great honor in making your acquaintance and I hope to see you all soon in Shanghai and Taipei!

Yours truly


Chen, Chao-Wei

China Health Association





It was certainly a great pleasure to meet you last week during the conference. We wish to extend our sincere gratitude to yourself & your professional team for your successful efforts in managing the recent conference in Guilin.

Your team did you very proud with their professionalism and ability to organize such a great event.

With your teams assistance, we were introduced to Huixing Yang, Vice President of Cinhosi Group. This introduction led to Reach 100 Pty Ltd signing an MOU with Cinhosi Co. Ltd. We hope that this relationship will lead to a full partnership & allow Reach 100 to extend its services to the people of China.

We hope that our meeting will be the first of many to come.

I will stay in touch with you & we are happy to attend further conferences in China, should we be able to add value to the Chinese market.

Thanking you once again on a successful meeting.

Much appreciation.

Yours Sincerely,


Glenn Houghton

Reach 100 Pty Ltd.





I would like to add my thank you, to you and the Great Idea forum.

The REACH 100 offerings and the program initiative from Cinhosi are very complimentary and supportive. Their eventual partnership is an exciting showcase that you should capitalize on. It would encourage more Australian, European and US companies to see your work and the work that Great Ideas are doing, as a valid and effective partnership plan into China and for Chinese companies to reach out beyond.

Thanks and regards


Tan Cheow Choon

Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Business Development Director


David Pieroni


Hi Salida,

Thank you for putting together another great event. I enjoyed it very much and learnt a lot. I appreciated greatly the attentiveness, friendliness and professionalism of all your colleagues. Now in process of following up with a wide range of people I met.

Take care,


David Pieroni

Automation Quality Solutions (AQS)

Founder & Managing Director




It was a pleasure getting to know you all on the Guilin tour.

I have to say that this tour really exceeded expectations - personally,

I found the event superbly organized (a big thank you to Salida, Ruby,

Bianca, Stella & Co), from the summit itself, to the hotels, dinners,

and night time activities that were organized. I know that the girls put

in enormous efforts and some very late nights to ensure that everything

ran smoothly, and this was greatly appreciated!

The interaction with the various governments of Guilin and surrounds was excellent, as was also the case with local businesses such as Cinhosi,

and others that attended from further afield.

And most importantly, it was a fantastic group dynamic and I enjoyed

making so many friends and renewing some old acquaintances. Please let me know if you ever come to Sydney, it would be a pleasure to see you again and show you around my part of the world!



Timothy Lindquist






Thank you for inviting us. We feel that you are helping China move into a positive direction with regards to the needed healthcare reform and we were honored to be a part of it. We look forward to continuing to network and grow our relationship with your organization.

Warm Regards


Amy Holcomb