I am on plane and will be departing China soon.

Thank you and Great Idea very much for having me participate in this trip.

It was productive and a blast too.

Best Regards.

Joe Krusick

Moss, Krusick & Associates, LLC.



Thank you for hosting a great week. I enjoyed it very much and learnt a lot.

Appreciated greatly the attentiveness, friendliness and professionalism of all your colleagues.

Now in process of following up with a wide range of people I met.

Best wishes,

Mervyn Levin

Levering Ltd.

Founding Director


Marie-Claude, Vanessa, Jacques and I are back to Paris and I would like to thank you very much for the invitation and to congratulate you and your team for the organization of this complex event.

Best regards,

François Degueldre

EOA France (European Outsourcing Association)



I would like to thank you for having me on the delegation trip and had a good time traveling with the group. I hope that you have returned normal life in Beijing :-)


George Ma

Magellan Medical Systems Inc.

Founder and CEO



I'm almost home. Thank you again for a "Great" trip.

Kyle Bayliss

Maryland Small Business & Technology Center



I appreciate your hospitality during the trips.

You did a great job in organizing the trip and arranging many events.

It was absolutely great to see and visit various cities and exotic places like Wuzhen and Jinji Lake.

I enjoyed a lot of summit events and had a great opportunity to meet you and delegates from all over the world.

Definitely, I will have a good interaction with Chinese CRO and CMO in the future.

I hope to see you next year.

With all the best regards,

Jung Ho Kim

Oscotec Inc.

Executive Director



It was a real pleasure to meet you again in China and participate in this new edition. First of all, I want to thank you for the professionalism and the professionalism of all companies which received us. It was a very beautiful edition 2013.

Best regards,

Marie-Claude Fargeot





Thanks for your nice message and for all your support during our trip

last week! You and your staff did a fantastic job considering the

last-minute schedule changes. I thought it was a huge success and a

great opportunity to make some good contacts and exchange ideas. I look

forward to hearing about future events and hope that I can participate

as we expand our operations and seek additional opportunities in China.

All the best,

David Lakritz

Language Automation, Inc.

President & CEO



Let me take this opportunity to thank you and the whole team at Great-Idea for organising this trip and for your wonderful support throughout. I know both Radomir and I enjoyed it very much and we were very much inspired by our visit to China. This was my second trip to China but on the earlier trip (in 2007) I did not have as much contact with local Chinese business people as this time round.

The country and nation are unbelievably energetic and ambitious plus you have the patience to realise your goals in the longer term, which bodes well for China. What a pleasure and privilege to be able to understand the huge transformation and continued growth of China in more value added services.

We would certainly like to participate in future trips depending on timing and frequency. Finally, many thanks for your photographs. We hope others will share theirs in an e-album of sorts too.

Kind regards and greetings to the whole team supporting us.

Antoni Rozwadowski

Research & Engineering Center UK Limited




Thanks a lot. I appreciate it a lot. Many thanks again for taking care of us and doing fabulous job organizing this event. I enjoyed this trip greatly, and I've met so many wonderful people. I've learnt a lot about China and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Send my regards to Paul too.


Ernst Goldman

J.P. Morgan Chase

Vice President



I am back in Paris. I have really appreciated this exciting trip as on the professional aspects for conferences and business visits than for the wonderful sightseeing tours in Shanghai, Wuzhen, Hangzhou and Suzhou.

I am very impressed by the dynamism of the Chinese economy, its ability to change and moving very fast.

I want to send you my most sincere thanks to Great Idea and the Chinese government for your hospitality.

Congratulations to you and the Great Idea team for the professionalism.

Looking forward to meeting you in Paris or in China.

All the best.

Jacques Lanne Franque






I am back to Lithuania and now I just have those fond memories of the experience I had in your country. It goes without saying that you guys are having an amazing country, so beautiful in its own special way! I say I am lucky I had a chance to be a part of delegation and once again let me thank you for this opportunity. I have enjoyed every minute of the trip and most importantly I enjoyed the people who were also involved in this trip. You have done an excellent work in organizing all this - it's a lot of hard work! My best regards to you and your colleagues. I hope you guys now will be able to have some rest after this all rush and looking after us. You made to look it so easy and effortless although I trust there is so much work involved behind the scenes. I share that excellent experience with my colleagues in Lithuania and never know what opportunity can come along in terms of doing business, investment etc.


I very much hope to hear from you in the nearest future in the meantime I am sending my best regards.

Inga Miliauskiene

Ministry Of Economy of the Republic of Lithuania

Head of Financial Instruments Division



Thank you for the wonderful arrangement, we all learn from each other and have a great time to tour the latest development of China Outsource industry.

Best Regards,

Perry Chyau

Knovia Group




It was my pleasure to know all of you.

I will remember all of you.

Let’s keep in touch.

And I hope to see you soon.

Francisco Nieto-Guerrero

Georgetown University

Global Project Director



Thank you for organizing a very successful trip. I was impressed with the hospitality of our Chinese hosts and the sophistication of the tech centres we visited. Add to this natural beauty and excellent food, and here is a great environment to continue the collaboration.

On a personal note - yes, it was hot, humid, busy, we had changes and I was tired at the end of it, but every single moment of it was worth it. It was great trip, eye opening for me on the Chinese business environment and culture, and hope to come back one day.

Best regards,

Carmen Plesch

Whitewater West Industries

Director of Information Systems



Thank you so much for your efforts for putting everything together.

This was indeed a very well organized and informative meeting.

My only regret was that we can not spend more time together with everyone.

I hope you can keep it up and so we can see each other again next year!

Lv Mingfeng

Taipei Biotech Association

Secretary-General/ Former

Vice Chairman




The same thank you very much for taking care of everything during our visit from sherry to Paul, nancy, salida and team.

Sherry Ku

RuenHuei Biopharmaceuticals. Inc.

Managing Director



Thank you for a terrific event!

It has been a pleasure to attend, to explore china, to meet and connect to delegates and of course to attend the magnificent events, talks, conferences and banquets which you and your government has been so kind as to present to us.


Rune Bundesen





Thank you, your boss and your team for your great work.
River Duan

Center for US-China Technology, Innovation and Development, Inc.

Founder and President, CEO



Thanks so much for having me at the event last week. It was a great time and I can see you all are improving the biopharma content from last year.

Thanks and best regards,

David Pieroni

Automation Quality Solutions (AQS)

Managing Director



It is my pleasure to meeting all of you and having the opportunity to practice my native language skill to assist some of you in this trip.

Please don't hesitate to contact me when you visit Toronto or if there is anything I can do to facilitate your business.

Let us keep in touch.


Duncan Ma


Senior Technical Manager



Dear Salida and “Great-Idea team”,

All people I got to talk to had a fantastic experience. We really appreciate your hard work on making this experience memorable and productive.

Looking forward to continue the discussions we started.

Mark Mueller Eberstein

Adgetec Corporation

President & CEO



Salida, Paul, and all the other amazing guys,

Thanks so much for inviting me to participate in what turned out to be a very interesting, lovely tour of a very exciting and beautiful country. It was also a great opportunity to learn about the industries and sectors that are driving China's meteoric rise.

But most of all, the delegation was a wonderful opportunity to meet and become friends with a wide range of great people doing exciting things in China and beyond.

I will send all of you my stories about China, just be patient as some of them may require pretty extensive research. I may also contact some of you for potential comment about various issues discussed during the trip or that may arise in the future.

Anyway, great to meet everyone, and let's stay in touch

Thank you!

Connor Adams Sheets

International Business Times

Senior Reporter



Thank you for your kind invitation to the conference, and taking care of everything during our visit time. Please say thank to Paul, Nancy and team for me.We hope see each other again next time.

Best Regards

Hsieh, Ming-Chieh

AnnCare Bio-Tech Center Inc.

R&D Vice Director



Dear Salida, the Great-idea team,

Thank you again for such an inspirational business trip to Shanghai. I have learned a lot. China is a dynamic place with great business opportunities, indeed. I am looking forward to realizing some of our ideas within green enterprising project in your country in the nearest future. Hope for continuous cooperation.

In any case, business or private, if you need any assistance in Sweden, and also in Russia, Moldova, please contact me, I would be happy to help.

All the best and have a nice summer,

Alla Sandgren

Stockholm University




Dear Salida:
十二万分的感谢妳和Paul,妳实在是个很有能力+亲和力+临危不乱的人才,我常常说危机就是转机,正是考验一个人或是团队是否有足够的能力去处理、承担、面对风险的挑战,博思有你们真好,也让我每次带领的台湾企业家们非常肯定+开心,每一次的成功论坛之旅,都让博思商通在台湾越来越出名,参加过的人都念念不忘,常问我什么时候再举办一定要再邀请他们,这都是你们大家共同努力的成效。最后再次感谢妳,以及Paul带领的团队们的完善安排,祝愿 身体健康 万事如意


New Nano Tech Co., Ltd.





Greetings from Washington DC.

It was a terrific experience, thanks a million times.

Warmest regards,

Laszlo Horvath

Active Media




Hello everyone!

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed getting to know you all or renewing old acquaintances. The Great Idea Delegation tours just seem to get better and better, not only in terms of the places visited and events attended, but in particular the calibre of the delegates and the camaraderie that I experienced with all of you!

I really enjoyed the tour and getting to know each of you - I had a blast and really count you all as friends now and hope to see you again in the future! Please drop me a line if ever in Sydney or if you need some help in our area!

Finally, well done to Paul, Salida, Mia, Nadia, Ruby, and Bianca, and all the Great Idea team. These tours are the best China networking and promotion event that I know of, and I look forward to participating again in the future!


Timothy Lindquist





Respected Madam,

Thanks for the invitation and all support during my trip to China, indeed it was a great experience with the team great idea. I enjoyed the trip and my presentation with the delegates. China is growing like anything not only in IT but Biopharma too.Please convey my warm regards to all team members for extending all the support and making our trip very smooth and memorable.

Once again thank you very much for all your effort and working tirelessly to make event pleasure and enjoyable for all participants.

Thanks for beautiful pictures.

Please do visit India and my place.


Warm regards

Koshia Hemant

Food & Drugs Control Administration, Government of Gujarat, India





Please keep me and SoCalBio membership in mind when it comes to future events for pharmaceuticals or medical devices.

Thank you and the Beijing Great Idea Business Resources for all your efforts. I enjoy your events immensely.

Ahmed Enany

Southern California Biomedical Council (SoCalBio)

President & CEO



Thank you very much for all your personal and professional efforts. I think the delegation of July '13 was really a success.

The team of Great Idea was fantastic, dedicated, precise and everything flowed smoothly.

I will continue to keep in touch to follow up with you and many others.

Thank you and kind regards

Stefano Marini

EUCROF (European CRO Federation)