Thanks so much for your sincere and kind supporting me and team during the trip and conference.

It was a pleasant and great opportunity to know you and many delegates from all over the world. Many good friends….Even though I have worked here in Shanghai for more 5 years, this event certainly gave me another new chance to learn about China, especially two cities, Taicang and Hangzhou and their very good infrastructure about pharma environment. Thanks again…

I wish Beijing Great Idea should become the big BRIDGE between China and the rest of the world, also including Korea. Please remember that Korean Pharma industry is also willing to do something in China, but in general doesn’t know what and how to start. I think Beijing Great can do a proper role bridging two countries, sure I can help and support you as much as possible. If you need my support, you can contact me at any time…

Thanks again.


Bon Chul (Brian) Ku, Ph. D. (General Manager of SK Biopharm (Shanghai))



Thanks to the professionality of Salida and her team, everything flowed seamlessly and I'm sure all participants will keep in their memories an intense and warm flavor of your hospitality, business potentials and opportunities.

I want to thank you again very much for all you have done.

With my personal best regards

Stefano Marini MD (President of EUCROF)



On your hands I would like to express my gratitude for inviting me to the 14th Great Idea International Biopharmaceutical R&D and CRO Delegation in China.

It was an amazing opportunity for meeting you, interesting people from China and other parts of the world. Also the conference program has been interesting, as well as places we were invited to.

I hope this chance will give fruits to the further cooperation between Chinese and Polish entrepreneurs.

Look forward to seeing you in the future.

Kind regards,

Dawid Bober (CEE Operations Representative of Willing International Limited)


Passport Photo-HSH


I’m sure I’ll not be the only one to email you to thank you for the effort in helping us get through all the logistics arrangement.

It’s really a very pleasant trip and the network that goes beyond this trip has great significance in all our businesses.

Best Regards,

Shihui Huang, Fionn (黄诗恵) (Sales Manager of Lonza Biologics Tuas Pte Ltd.)

Description: http://ami.usc.edu/images/bio-whong.jpg


Just wanted to say thanks for inviting me to the China Outsourcing Summit. I learned a lot and am really excited about doing business in China.

If Great Idea is planning any event to help the foreigners understand the legal structures of doing business in China, either through partnership, JV, satellite offices, etc. please let me know. I'm very interested in understanding how we can create partnerships and/or build companies in China.

I currently manage 3 projects in the medical device area and we really want to find ways to bring these technologies to China with a Chinese partner.

I hope to see you again soon.

Winn Hong (Technology Development Manager of Alfred E. Mann Institute At the University of Southern California)


Louj Photo 041711


Thanks for everything, Salida, it was a great trip and I am glad that I made the decision to attend.

I am sure you got tons of positive feedback from international attendees. I just want to add mine here.

Have a great day!

Jianlong Lou, MD/Ph.D (Assistant Professor of Department of Anesthesia, UCSF)

Bijan #2 Pic


Thank you so much for the great job you and Salida did in organizing the conference last week in China. I had a great time, met lots of good people and made good business contacts. Thank you for your kind hospitality and help also with my complicated travel arrangement. I hope we get a chance to keep in touch and see you again in China in the near future. Best wishes.

Bijan Almassian, Ph.D. (President of Pars Pharmaceutical Consulting)



Many thanks for including me in this event. My only regret is that I didn't have enough time to interact and know well all the esteemed colleagues who were in attendance. But, I have learnt a lot and look forward for more opportunities for collaboration with Chinese bioscience companies and organizations.

You and all the conference participants are welcome to contact me at any time if you are in Southern California or exploring business opportunities in our region. It will be my honor to serve.

I look forward to seeing everyone in future events.

Cheers, my friends!

Ahmed Enany (President& CEO of Southern California Biomedical Council (SoCalBio))



In any case, I want to convey to you my deep thanks for the invitation to join the delegation and for the great hospitality you demonstrated. I enjoyed the trip greatly, and found it immensely valuable. I will follow up in a few days with more thoughts, but in the meantime, thank you so very much for all the effort and organization you dedicated. It was a great success.

I look forward to meeting again soon!

Best Regards,

Chris Douglas (Managing Director of Red Wing Capital)



I want to thank you, Paul, Nadia and the rest of the team for being a great host. The trip was insightful and certainty presented a number of opportunities for us to partner and help contribute to the GDP growth in China in the clinical trial arena.

I also want to thank the delegates for being companionate and helpful in the first days of our meeting.

All the best to all of you in your endeavors.

Fred Jacome (President/CEO of Pangen Biosystems, Inc.)


It was nice to meet you. You are really wonderful...

Thanks a lot for providing an unique opportunity to visit your country and learning and sharing on Bio Pharma & CRO Industries in China. Really you are doing an excellent and ever memorable task, and China is leading in many aspects in general and Biopharma industries & CRO in particular.

I am extending an invitation to visit my place and India.



Dr. H G Koshia (Commissioner of Food & Drugs Control Administration)



Thank you both for your emails and for your work in organisation before and during the trip.

I came back with a very favourable impression of both your company and the suppliers in Taicaing and Hangzhou. We have initiated contact to Joinn for one study, and we would like to learn more about the medical device manufacturer that we met on the Hangzhou technology park visit. The cultural aspects of the trip were most interesting. I came back with a very positive impression of the regions, the approach of the regional government, and the rich history of the delta region. I particularly researched in more details the exploits of Navigator Zheng. I also noted in some detail how meetings were organised in case we ever host Chinese guests.

I will recommend Great Idea to my colleagues and will look forward to meeting you both again.

Best regards

Michael Burnet (Managing Director of Synovo GmbH)


Sheldon Fan


Thank you and your colleagues at Great-Idea so much for organizing "The 14th Great-Idea Biopharmaceutical R&D and CRO Delegation to China. It is one of the best delegation I have ever participated.

From the initial planning of the delegation several months ago to the last minute change of itinerary during the trip, you worked very hard and made everything exceedingly smooth and fruitful.

I look forward to seeing you again in next April and helping you to make the next trip a better one in every way I can.

Best regards,

Sheldon Fan (Head of China Operation of The Research Network Ltd.)



It's been a great trip and I wanted to thank you for your excellent assistance before and during the trip.


Richard Lin (President and CEO of Explora BioLabs)