Demonstration City of Chinasourcing-Hangzhou  
for around 45 percent of the
total staff.
From 2007 to 2011, the total
offshore contracts valued at
US$4.85 billion, with an annual
growth rate of 95 percent.
Around 847,000 employees
have received training in
To date, the city's colleges and
universities offer 247 majors
relevant to outsourcing, such
as computers and software,
integrated circuits, cartoons
and animation.
There are two renowned outsourcing
summits in the world - the Gartner
Outsourcing & Strategic Partnershi
-ps Summit and NASSCOM's annual conference
- and China aims to make it a Big Three with
its own China Sourcing Summit.
The China Sourcing Summit is expected to
become a major plat form for Asian outsourcing.
It is sponsored by China's Ministries of
Commerce, Education, Science and Technology,
and Industry and Information Technology,
and it is organized by the China Investment
and Finance Committee.
The summit was first held in Chengdu, Sichuan
province, in 2008, and the Fourth China
Sourcing Summit was held at the Dragon Hotel
in Hangzhou on September 26-28, 2012. It is
the third time for Hangzhou to host this summit.
Titled "Business Innovation for the Global
Market," the summit features seminars,
conferences, lectures, one-to-one consultations
and other commercial activities.
Buyers from Europe, America, Japan and
Southeast As ia had conver sat ions with
executives of large Chinese IT enterprises; they
discussed cooperation with domestic service
suppliers and representatives from outsourcing
demonstration cities and industrial parks.
China Sourcing Summit 2012 was held on
September 26 in Hangzhou. Mr. Wang
Chao, Vice Minister of Commerce, Mr.
Gong Zheng, Executive Vice-Governor of Zhejiang
Province, and Mr. Shao Zhanwei, Deputy Secretary
and Mayor of Hangzhou attended and addressed
the opening ceremony.
Hangzhou advantages .
Hangzhou, which has been establishing its
outsourcing industry since 2006, has given
full play to its strengths.
Further, the scenic city pursues a core strategy
that "good environment makes everything
better," meaning the city has always been
using its good environment to lure talented
professionals who can boost the economy
and thus, build a better city.
Now Hangzhou has been named as a
"demonstration city of outsourcing" by the
central government. The electronic information
industry has been a pillar industry in Hangzhou.
Hangzhou's finance industry is getting stronger,
having attracted more than 200 financial
organizations that account for more than 60
percent of the total in Zhejiang Province. Its
number of financial institutions makes Hangzhou
No.5 in ranking among all Chinese cities.
In 2011, the city's total outsourcing contracts
amounted to US$3.28 billion, of which US$2.55
billion represented offshore contracts. Also,
the number of people involved in the outsourcing
industry reached 223,432. In some of the city's
large software enterprises, employees in the
research and development sector account
Hangzhou has attracted a large number
of outsourcing enterprises to
settle in Hangzhou, such as
State Street Corp, Insigma, Cisco, WebEx, Strategy
Systems Solution, Nokia and Simens.
In 2011, 24 enterprises have signed offshore service
outsourcing contracts valued over US$10 million
each, accounting for 77.23 percent of all offshore
contracts in the city.
Vice Minister Wang Chao said that China’s
service outsourcing industry is a talent-intensive
modern high-end industry. To vigorously develop
China’s outsourcing is helpful for speeding up the
transformation of economic development mode
and advancing the course of development of
modern service industry with Chinese characteristics,
and is conducive to the transformation and
upgrading of foreign trade and improvement of the
capability of independent innovation as well as the
building of an innovative country.
Vice Minister Wang Chao pointed out that the
Central Government has formulated, promulgated
and implemented a series of industrial promotion.
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